Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nah, nah - nah, nah nah

Chiefs stagger drunkenly out of Indianapolis!

We chopped. They dropped.

In a week where the Aussies confirmed the ineptitude of the England Cricket team; association football plumbed new depths of non-interest in the third round of the FA Cup; and I confidently predicted the demise of the Indianapolis Colts at the hands of the all-conquering KC Chiefs – once again the truth had an uncommonly bad habit of intruding into my reality (perceived!).

In racking up their defeat at the hands of the Colts, the Chiefs really outdid themselves.

Zero first downs in the first half.

Golden opportunity wasted after an interception gave them a first down on the Indy 10 with the score only 6-0.

Missed chip shot field goal from 20 yards.

Heroic defence from a very maligned group of players (Chiefs' defensive unit) utterly wasted by as inept a group of losers (Chiefs' offence) you are ever likely to see.

Three fumbles recovered – Chiefs dominate the turn-over war. For no good purpose!

On paper, I had it all worked out. Chiefs would run over the Indy run defence – Trent Green would throw just enough to slow down the rush – and Indy would never have the ball long enough to do much damage. Sounds good – doesn't it!

So, what when wrong?

Firstly, sport is like that. So is chess. That's why I lose always at chess. I can never see what the other guy is up to. Neither did the Chiefs coaching staff. They are an easy target. So they should be! They must be waking up wondering if they have a job next season. So they should.

More importantly, it's the players. Watching the offence on the side lines during the game was painful. The body language and facial expressions spoke volumes. These guys were following another agenda. Most looked like they didn't want to be there. There are issues there that someone needs to sort out. Quickly!

Personally, it looked like the O-line decided to take super-star Johnson down a peg or two – and put in a bid for large pay rises to keep playing – by not blocking for him. His look said it all, “I'm wasting my time here. These guys are not playing for my team, they're on the Colts payroll this week.”

Sport is the great leveller. We got levelled. I mean, tarmac style!

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