Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chop till you drop!!

Despite needing every improbable chance come immaculately true to make the play-offs, the Kansas City Chiefs staggered in this week when everything that had to happen – did!

Could this be an omen? Could be.

I'm out on a limb (as usual) in predicting the Chiefs to whup the Indianapolis Colts in the first round by about 10 points.

My record is actually very good. Last time the Chiefs played the Colts in the play-offs was two or three years ago at Arrowhead. I confidently predicted that poor old Peyton Manning, Indy s starting quarterback, famed for his ability to audible at the line of scrimmage and thereby confuse defences, would not be able to handle the crowd noise and the Chiefs would win easily. Sounded good. Looked good. Didn't happen. Indy won easily and ran rings around a poor KC defence.

This time it will be different. I've got 50 quid on the boys in red at 3-1 and they will come good. Time to turn the tables.

This time it's the Colts whose defence is poor. Actually, worse than poor. They are flat last in the NFL in run defence. Absolutely last. And, they are facing Larry Johnson, probably the premier running back in action this week.

OK, OK the pundits will say this and say that and Indy are favourites – but the smart money should be on the KC Sunshine Boys. A good running game should always beat a good passing team. That's the magic equation. Mr Manning will score against the Chiefs through the air – no doubt. But, Johnson will run riot and he will eat up a lot of the clock. Chiefs should score on every possession. If they do, as I confidently predict, it will take a lot to beat them.

So, you heard it here first. Get money on the tribe and chop till you drop!

Go Chiefs.

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H8TORADE said...

Chiefs fans need another glass of King Carl's kool-aid....