Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

Bulldog spirit?  Nah, too wet!
Think it might rain at the Olympics?  You can't get good odds that it won't!


Despite all the contingency plans in place, the incessant rain during the Olympics will cause major headaches and possible calamities.  After all, the Olympic experience will attract many visitors to this island.  If we ever want them to come back, we better provide some kind of excellent experience.  One that doesn't involve an umbrella.

Mind you the Sunday Times had an article about how Washington DC can not provide electricity to run the air conditioners and folks are barely surviving as a consequence.  Totally unprepared and under-funded apparently. 

Some of us can remember a time when there was no aircon.  Oh happy days!  Not! 

Eventually, we did get one of the room air conditioners.  You know, the ones that just sit in the window and are propped up on the outside wall.  Mom and Dad had one in their bedroom.  Only fair when you have to get up and go to work, I suppose. Meanwhile, we poured with sweat and panted the night away dreaming of a cool dip in the pond.

And it is the pond that is the problem.  The big pond, the Atlantic pond, has gone haywire.  The jet stream is too far south and all the rain that usually falls on Scandinavian mountains is now falling on the East Anglian plain.

What's to be done?

Nothing as yet.  I predict the Olympic experience will sour relations with the rest of the world for a generation. Enjoy the Olympic experience while you can for London will not host another games for a generation (or two).  The games start in seventeen days.  Looking at the forecast for the rest of this week – it's a washout!

So the seventeen becomes ten.

Then the long-rage forecast will show even more rain on the way.

I can't wait for the 100m final to be run in a torrential downpour, or postponed or cancelled.

Misery loves company and if you are of that bent you have a lot of company in store.

We need some method of covering the country, like the centre court at Wimbledon.

Failing that:  I give up.

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