Thursday, June 28, 2012

Then Germans Bombed Our Chippie

Germany 2 - Greece 0

Is anyone else just about fed up with Fat Frau Merkel? If reports are to be believed, she thinks we should all become more like the Germans. No, not marching with a funny walk and invading Poland, but being really thrifty and hoarding our cash.

Hang on! Have we not been here before? Let's remind ourselves. After WWII we gave the Germans millions of dollars and pounds and francs to rebuild their country. Everyone was scared they would choose the Commies (which Fat Frau's family did), so we bribed them to be nice Western Europeans. See my blog of 5 November 11 for more details.

The result is, apparently, now we all have to join up with the Germans in a kind of Pan-European superstate where the Krauts make all the rules and everyone else picks up the tab.


There are people, of course, who consider that “let bygones be bygones” is correct. They are commonly called idiots. There are those who say “the sins of the fathers should not be visited on the sons”. They are well-meaning idiots.

My view is simple. The Germans owe us. Forget that the present generation might not have been born. They still owe us. They will go on owing us for about another 900 years. Then we might have a re-think.

An interesting programme was broadcast by the BBC the other night about Greece and the problems they are having. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. Also, beware of Greeks bearing grudges. An old Greek war hero (of the resistance) was interviewed. He forecast doom and gloom if the Greeks are forced to accept yet another form of German hegemony. Who could blame him? He was captured and tortured by the Germans. Now he is supposed to kowtow to them and accept a crust of bread as his reward? I think not.

Now the Greeks are hardly blameless in their present financial situation, but to hear Fat Frau lecturing them on the moral way to behave really must make them sick.

I can't blame them.

I like a lot of Germans I have met, as individuals. This does not excuse their guilt. The fact that they effectively rigged the Euro to suit themselves has somehow got lost.

They must not be allowed to forget. Neither should we.

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