Friday, June 05, 2015

2015 General Election

Scrotland scuppers Labour attempted surge

I've been waiting for the dust to settle on the General Election before making any judgements.

Since the poll all we have heard from the pollsters is how the electorate got it wrong, or were lying, or forgot how do a ballot paper.

Despite all the rhetoric, the truth is far more pragmatic. The English voters, faced with the prospect of hordes of ginger-headed Scottish scroats surging over the border, decided to stick with the devil they knew and not risk the Ed Miilband led Labour/Scottish Nationalist coalition. As usual the voters probably got it just about right.

The Tories gave it full blast in the last few days and it worked. Nobody thought that bringing the Scots into government even in a supply and confidence arrangement would be palatable in Milton Keynes. It just seemed too woolly and far too risky. The voters agreed.

So, what have we to look forward to in the next five years.

Well the Scots did rampage into the Commons upsetting the Speaker and, heaven forbid, Denis Skinner in the process. Short of being a pain in the bum that's about all the good they will do in their tenure at Westminster. Cameron will not give them anything: he has much larger fish to fry in Brussels. We can discount their efforts until the Conservative majority is whittled away – a prospect that might not be too distant.

David Cameron will focus on Europe until the referendum in 2017. Everything else will be business as usual.

The Labour party will do a lot of soul-searching and faffing about, but unless they try to seal the Emperor's clothes will find regaining power difficult. The have five years to counter the nationalists in Scotland or they have no chance of unseating Dave.

Whatever happens, it will be interesting.

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