Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Chiefs EoS Report - A New Reid?

Chiefs EoS Report – A New Reid in the Oboe to Play a Better Tune?

Where to start? From the pre-season predictions (and not just mine!), this should have been a play-off season.

The record speaks for itself. Two and Fourteen. League leaders in almost every negative statistic you can name. No offense and precious little defense. No special teams. More turnovers than touchdowns? Wouldn't surprise me. It was a train wreck.

Whose fault? The coaches and the GM have paid the price. They're gone. Coach Reid treks in from Philly to see what can be done. He is greeted like the Messiah. Even the KC Star is fulsome in its praise.

Let's hold on a moment. The task is now immense. Four or five years have been wasted. From the day Pioli was allowed to choose Matt Cassel as his QB for the future, all the eggs were in one basket. And, there was a hole in the bottom of that basket through which the franchise fell.

A more honorable man would have fallen on his sword. The Chiefs faithful will not forget and Scott will have to grow a long, white beard before he is welcome in KC again. But we have to move on.

Fact - every coach who lost their job at the end of the season had one thing in common – their quarterback was just not good enough.

Contrast this with the Luck and Manning story. Each took a mediocre (at best) team into the playoffs. Peyton's days are numbered (old age) but Luck will probably win a Super Bowl in the next 5-6 years, if he stays healthy.

Why? Because he is already an NFL QB and will only get better, plus the Colts can now concentrate on upgrading the personnel around him either through the draft of free agency. Bet on the Colts if he stays healthy.

The Chiefs are, on the other hand, technically screwed. Let the new coach explain: “I have looked at the roster and there are some good football players on this team. I look to add to that, I think that’s important. We can all get better – me included. The quarterback position, I will dig in and look at that and we will build it. We will see how that works out, we need to spend some time on that – I need to find the next Len Dawson. It might be right here, it might not. I have to dig in, and I need a little time on that.”

Ok, Andy, you are preaching to the converted. He goes on to say he will evaluate the QB's he has on roster. Sorry, Andy, the NFL has already done that. They are just not good enough. (I leave out Stanzl who has never taken a snap – but I'd be very surprised if coach Reid thinks he's a world-beater.)

Where do we go from here?

We get the number one pick in the draft. Consensus now is that there is not a top QB coming out of college this year. Just our luck. We either trade the top pick for a QB or find one somewhere else.

The prospects are not good.

What about the pathetic defense?

Reid again: “In regards to the 4-3, 3-4, I’m evaluating that right now. I understand the values in both. I’ve been a 4-3 guy, and I’ve played against a 3-4 so I got it and understand it. There has been an effort to bring in players that work in the 3-4, so I will look at that first and go from there.” So, my wasted 5 years theory is reiterated by Reid. I could cry.

I would like to get positive but it''s looking like another “rebuilding” job.

My solution. I'd tout Jamal Charles for a real NFL QB. Trouble is good running backs are not in short supply.

Unless Reid is a miracle worker it looks like another 40 years to the next Super Bowl.

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