Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Chavs and Chavistas

Dewsbury? Screwsbury more like it!

Someday I’ve got to get to Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Some day, but hopefully not too soon.

Dewsbury must be the Chav City, Arizona! Judging by the shenanigans surrounding the “disappearance” of Shannon Matthews, Dewsbury is inhabited by more completely dysfunctional Chavs and Chavettes than anywhere else on the planet.

The Telegraph has the best article to try and explain this intricate and pathetic situation:

I find it very difficult to judge or even comment on this situation, and I don’t usually find myself at a loss for words!

Here are the highlights of the Telegraph article:

The Daily Telegraph understands that Miss Matthews, who has seven children to five fathers, was arrested on Sunday as she sat in a police car with Det Con Christine Freeman.

Miss Matthews allegedly admitted that she had wanted to leave her boyfriend, Craig Meehan, 22, and that his uncle, Michael Donovan, 39, had offered her a place to stay. Miss Matthews is alleged to have said she intended to leave home but at the last minute "lost her bottle". However, sources said she denied having an affair with Mr Donovan and had not asked him to take Shannon.

Mr Donovan, who slit his wrists while on remand at Leeds Prison on Sunday, is awaiting trial charged with kidnap and false imprisonment.

Mr Meehan is in custody charged with 11 counts of possessing child pornography and will appear before Dewsbury magistrates on Friday.

Now, call me old fashioned, but I’m not convinced that dysfunctional adequately covers the Dewsbury Chavs. Whilst trying desperately to not sound completely like Victor Meldrew, one is tempted to shout, “You cannot be serious!” What chance has society got if the Dewsbury Chavs take over?

Not much.

And, they might.

They might just “out-breed” the rest of us. After all, they seem to have not a lot else to do!

A real case: in my immediate family we have produced four boys. All of them are now just into their thirties. One is married. One has a “partner”. Two have no on-going relationships. None has children.

And the Dewsbury Chavs? Mrs Matthews (and this is no more than an honorary title) has, at last count, seven children by five different fathers. Apparently, she is now fed up with her present “partner” – a gormless looking lad who is charged with child pornography offences.

Ok – we can see the problem – what’s the solution?

I was carelessly musing on this question just the other evening and (jocularly) let slip the contention that perhaps Hitler had the right idea. Certainly there would have been no Chavs or Chavettes in Nuremburg. He would have gassed them.

Consequently, Hitler gave fascists a bad name. And, more importantly, his legacy is to make us all slightly queasy at any idea that bears only the remotest similarity to his obscene attempts to rid Germany of undesirables.

Could it be that in this new century we could dust off some of the ideas and have a sensible discussion?

The European Convention on Human Rights guarantees Ms Matthews the right to a family life. So it should.

Does it also guarantee her the right to reproduce as much and as often with whomever she chooses – whilst the State picks up the tab?

I don’t think it should. I think there should be limits. We can discuss where the limits should be – but, unless we accept that there should be some kind of limit we are open to the charge of fascism. Can we afford to ignore this? No. What chance have we if the fittest in our society choose selfishly to “look after number one” while the Dewsbury Chavs do belly-bouncing - secure in the knowledge that the state (you and I) will pick up the tab?

Now we find that Chief Chavette Matthews has been arrested and charged.

My case is nearly rested. These morons have a right to life – but not an indiscriminate right to breed like rabbits (or perhaps vermin might be more apropos)!

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