Thursday, May 31, 2007

Former Norwich Loan Players/Stars


I knew it!

It was only yesterday that someone told me that because David Bentley had been selected for the England football team the EDP would have the usual “Former Norwich Loan Player/Star” (FNLP/S) story.

And they did.

Am I the only one who finds this sort of gormless pandering to the divots who populate the seats at Carrow Road completely pointless? Surely I can't be? Can I?

There it was on page 48. Headline: Bentley included in Pearce's squad Article: Former Canries (could someone explain what Canries are? - why can't the EDP employ some old-fashioned sub-editors?) loan star David Bentley has been included in the England U21 squad for the European Championship finals in Holland.

Could someone explain to me what this had to do with anything?

David Bentley has never been a local player. He has never even been a player contracted to Norwich City Football Club. Why are we reading this drivel in the local paper?

The variation to this story is when Peter Crouch is chosen for the England senior squad. Headline: Former Norwich City Loan Star Crouch in England Squad. What complete tosh! Why not just stop reporting nonsense about football? Why not?

If they did they might avoid the despairing headlines they managed to come up with today. In the morning: Marshall turns up the heat. City target demands transfer. In the Evening News: City see Marshall bid turned down.

Only by reading the respective stories is it apparent that there is no story here at all. The morning news is simply speculating that NCFC might like to sign David Marshall, who was on loan at Norwich this season,. The afternoon paper speculates that negotiations between the clubs are on-going.

In other words – there are no real developments and no real news. So, why are they printing this?

I conclude that in the absence of any real story – why not make one up.

Might sell a few papers (Norwich fans are stupid enough to buy the paper just because NCFC is mentioned in the headline!). Meanwhile, the sports writing staff can go to the pub instead of trying to cut through the drivel and find a real story to write about.


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