Saturday, December 21, 2013

Super Bowl for the Chiefs?

Chiefs Take to the Play-off Road

The KC Chiefs will have their work cut out for them if they are to make significant progress in the AFC post season play-offs.

With the number 5 seed just about clinched, it looks like the boys in red will take on Indianapolis in the first round at Indy. Significantly the Colts are banged up for the match-up at Arrowhead on Sunday – and may well play it safe by not showing too much. If so, look for the Chiefs to win fairly comfortably and put a marker down for the rematch.

If Indy is dispatched it's likely the Bronco wait at Mile High in the next round. So far this season the Broncos and Peyton Manning have owned the Chiefs. Looks like “one and done” all over again.

Things, as usual, are never quite that simple. Football isn't played on paper. The Colts may well parley the home field advantage and dispatch the visitors in the first round. They have some good players and play well at home.

Then we get to Mile High - in late December. The weather may have a great effect. If so it's the quick release, short passing game of the ponies which might prove effective. And, the Chiefs will have to do what they have been unable (as has almost everyone else!) to do – stop, of at least, slow down Manning. The prospects are not good. This is probably the Chiefs season in a nutshell.

If they can handle Denver away then they can win the Super Bowl. Nobody in the NFC looks anywhere near as good as Denver. But, it's a funny old game!

I predict: Chiefs to win in Indy and lose to Denver. Denver to play Seattle in the Super Bowl and the Seahawks will win.

Take it or leave it – but stay away from the bookies – this should be one of the most interesting play-off seasons for a long time.