Tuesday, September 20, 2011


As Frazier from Dad's Army Would Say, “We're Doomed”

My assessment of the 2011 Chiefs chances focussed on the QB, the offence in general and the defense's ability to chip in.

They have all gone to hell in an handcart.

Two demoralizing losses to what are perceived as average teams have highlighted the inadequacies in both the performances and the planning.

Remember: I commended the Chiefs for drafting a top receiver. He has not been seen so far in somewhat suspicious circumstances. Baldwin appear to be Baldlost.

Remember: I predicted that as Matt Cassell goes, so go the Chiefs. He has only gone to the toilet so far and has found it as difficult finding an empty cubicle as finding an open receiver.

Remember: I reminded all that if you can run the football you can win a lot of games. The Chiefs promptly lost Jamal Charles to an ever-lengthening injury list and have no real replacement in line.

Remember: I predicted that with an adequate defence a cracker-jack offense could make up the difference. 80 odd points have been conceded in two games.

Is the season over?

Yes, probably.

With San Diego coming up on Sunday, the prospect of 0-3 looms large.

It would take a miracle to win out on the coast.

If a week's a long time in politics – it must seem an eternity to the Chief's players, coach and management as they try to prepare for what could be a ritual slaughter.

Has Todd Haley had it?

Maybe, but unlikely. He shoulders some of the blame, but the real tragedy is that the steady progression plan ( ala Pioli) appears shot.

It's going to be a long season.