Thursday, June 25, 2009

All Sorts of Noises

An enigma wrapped up in an mystery.

From the Chiefs: lots of talk and not a lot of action.

The real news has been the apparent change of emphasis, best illustrated by the treatment of Brian Waters, Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzales.

Chiefs legend Gonzales made no secret he wanted a shot at some sort of play-off glory before he retires. By trading him to Atlanta, the Chiefs were happy to oblige. Actually, what they did was reward him for a Hall of Fame career and, knowing that his best years were behind him, avoided the inevitable and embarrassing slide into mediocrity and a possible media career.

The best wishes of all Chiefs fans go with him.

Waters and Johnson are different matters.

Brian seems to be unhappy, perhaps with his contract – perhaps with the team – perhaps with the new coach and GM. Who knows? In return the management have done exactly the right thing – draft some possible replacements, sign some free agents (without breaking the bank!) and keep their mouth shut.

Time will tell if they can re-invigorate what is a great career and get Waters to let the water flow under the bridge. My prediction: Waters will be a Chief on opening day or he will be traded for a big-time player. Either way – Chiefs win.

Johnson is a problem wrapped up in an enigma folded into a multi-coloured paper fan. What his problem is, who knows? He will be more comfortable and productive in a pro-set offence. He can repeat a 1000 yard rushing season. Will he blend in with the new management and QB? It's anyone's guess.

One thing is for sure – he won't be traded. First, no-one really wants him and second – the Chiefs need his production at RB – even if they have to put up with some antics and his lack of skill and effort in blocking for his QB.

How the Chiefs deal with Brian and Larry will go a long way towards deciding if they can improve on last season's dismal showing.